I love my mother Alice Muscarella. She inspires me every day. She taught me everything I know by encouraging my creativity and nurturing my soul.

After she died in 2006 I struggled to find a way to cope. The truth is confronting any profound life experience requires commitment and patience. Everyone must find what works for them. Since that realization I launched Mama Quest: In Honor of Moms. The theme of my blog is based around Alice Law.

Alice Law n. [ˈælɪs] (lô) 1. A rule of conduct established by observing the customs and general practice of Alice Muscarella.  2. A rule or custom generally established in order to practice pureness of heart.

i. be empathetic.
ii. be ambitious.
iii. be patient.
iv. forgive liberally.
v. be grateful.
vi. admit failure, and what you do not know.
vii. be respectful of yourself and others.
viii. explore the world.
ix. enjoy the life you’ve been given.
x. challenge and evolve the way you think about love and life.

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