Writing projects are heaven sent. The hours melt away when I’m lucky enough to string a few sentences together for you!

contact: email loco | call 774-314-9006 


  • Website Rewrite: Optimize for SEO, check for consistency and breathe new life into stale copy.
  • Blogging – I’ll get to know your product and create fun, inventive content when you don’t have time.
  • Blog Coaching – Writing can be intimidating but when you have the support of professional, it can be fun. You may discover your true calling as the next George R.R. Martin, or at least drive some traffic to your site.
  • Ghost Writing – I’ve written over 15 books as a ghostwriter. A book can be an excellent tool to market yourself as an industry expert.
  • Developmental Editing – Send me your clippings and notes, then I’ll turn it into a masterpiece.
  • Freelance Writing – My specialities include relationship advice, diet and fitness, grief and bereavement, and restaurant/food/wine/beer/ cocktail fodder.

Read samples of my work here:

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