80% of donations come from individuals, not sponsors or events. Designing a meaningful product to drive donations makes the ask easy and the generosity flow.

Contact LoCo to see how you can increase donations for your organization. email loco | call 774-314-9006

Cause-related Product Examples

I founded a non-profit Trauma to Art. And developed two products and counting to drive donations and fund our mission to help young adults (teens & 20s) find their own unique path through grief through creativity, rituals to remember and community contribution. – Lauren Muscarella

live your dreams
Each Live Your Dreams ™ necklace has five circle cutouts to bring a lifetime of abundance, love, confidence, happiness and goodwill. They are available in gold-plated and sterling silver.
Alice’s Law published on February 26, 2015 is an Imprint of Wyatt-McKenzie Publishing.










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