This is my first women’s fiction novel. It is 82,810 words called Commandments of a Mistress

In Commandments of a Mistress, Isabel unlocks the secret to getting her married boyfriend to file for divorce but she’s not quite sure she’ll keep him after meeting, Ray, the man of every woman’s dreams.

Isabel and her married man Mark aren’t an obvious match. She lives in Boston. He lives in Minneapolis. He appears eccentric and bookish while she is beautiful and more than a decade younger. It is when he’s on camera that his sex appeal is realized. As his producer, Isabel finds herself falling for him a little more with every city they are assigned to visit. While their desire for one another can’t be denied, a part of him still wants his marriage to work. This rejection devastates Isabel. She agonizes in despair until she finally discovers what mistresses have been dying to know for centuries: the Ten Commandments to get your married boyfriend to divorce his wife. 

Part of the plan to get Mark to leave his wife involves breaking up their affair, but it comes at the wrong moment. During their break, Mark begins his divorce just as Isabel unexpectedly meets Ray. He looks like a fairytale prince with the charisma and the penthouse palace to match. Despite her new romance, Isabel can’t help but be tempted by her married man. The chemistry feels too good to give up even though, at times, their love feels tarnished by its unfortunate beginning. Every time she crawls out of Mark’s grasp to focus on Ray, her married man’s determination to win her back grows stronger. It’s a story