IMG_6617 (1).jpgYou think sometimes that the future day will never come where you can look back at so many experiences that make up your life. The memories swirl in my head. I cringe at some decisions while I locate the path of justification for how it fits into my story. In 2011 I was volunteering for my hometown’s hospital avoiding decisions and avoiding life. I told one of my fellow volunteers my woes. She, like every other volunteer, was a widow and a grandmother. She said, “This is just one chapter in your book. Money comes and goes. Love and passion will do the same. Never forget that you are the writer of your story. You can decide how you live your life.”

She was one of many wise women who spent time at Heywood Memorial.

This about section isn’t conventional because I guess I’m not sure what to fill it with and I don’t want to inflate my accomplishments because I don’t think they need embellishment. My greatest accomplishments include letting go, accepting people, never judging people, and keeping my word.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. At the beginning of my career, I was scared to go after it. I was scared to have a small salary. I was scared I wasn’t good enough. At 31, I don’t care if I’m good enough. I will stick with it for as long as it takes. I wrote a novel Commandments of a Mistress last summer in six weeks. Then I spent months editing and reworking it. Now I am in the process of sending out query letters looking for an agent while I work on my follow-up book.

In addition to writing, I am passionate about helping companies successfully market their products and services. My specialty involves developing business relationships, social media strategy, and content creation from photos to video to blog posts. My clients are more than clients. They have become dear friends too.

True Bio Details: I graduated from American University cum laude with a degree in journalism, marketing, and film production. I spent three years working as a Video Producer for the home building publisher Hanley Wood in Washington, D.C. I worked as the Director of Marketing at the Mount Auburn Club before founding the non-profit Trauma to Art: Turning Grief into Creative Expression in 2013. Then I followed that up with a year-long contract ghostwriting relationship advice books before starting my own marketing company called Loco. In February 2015 my first book Alice’s Lawa self-help book about finding your own path after experiencing loss, was published.

I live in Boston’s beautiful Beacon Hill neighborhood with my amazingly tall Russian boyfriend, who is the love of my life. And, I am aunt to three terrorizing cuties, which is my favorite role thus far on planet Earth.